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Non-profit sector

Zürich 5 Coalition

Rue d'Arlon 69/71
1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

Biomethane for Europe is an initiative of the Zürich 5 Coalition.

The Zürich 5 Coalition consists of several leading businesses and associations in the bio-CNG and LNG sector across the whole supply chain, advocating for the uptake of biomethane in the road transport sector in Europe. It aims to support the EU in achieving its goals under the European Green Deal in reducing transport emissions and aims to stimulate a favorable regulatory framework for the uptake of biomethane. Current members of the Coalition are BioGem Express AG (Switzerland), GibGas (Germany) and OG Clean Fuels (The Netherlands). The current ambassadors of the Coalition are Nærenergi (Denmark) and Landwärme (Germany).a

Rue d'Arlon 69/71

1040 Bruxelles


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