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EU Agenda facilitates access to EU-related information for the benefit of all citizens

The volume of EU-related knowledge and content grows exponentially each year, with diverse publishers such as trade associations, think tanks, universities, and institutions contributing millions of pieces monthly.

However, accessing this wealth of information can be challenging, as it is often scattered and difficult to locate, leaving search engines as the primary option for exploration.

Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly overwhelmed by this abundance of content and seek personalised and relevant information.

Recognizing this demand, EU Agenda aims to provide effective new ways to inform the public about the European Union and its policies by offering a centralised point of aggregation for these contents.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Disruptive model:

  • EU Agenda is an aggregator of third-party contents - this allows it to concentrate all efforts in establishing a tight relation with its audience, in terms of technical excellence, usability, support, quality and so forth. The quality of contents is achieved by selecting the “qualified sources”.

For publishers:

  • Easy publishing of a variety of contents and measurable exposure to a niche community. Publishers enjoy the ability to be able to centralise all their contents in a single place, without the struggle of using different websites.

For content seekers:

  • Massive volume of curated contents (coming from thousands of qualified sources);
  • Systematic approach to content delivery: clear separation of contents in directories + automated mashups;
  • Easy overview of different contents about specific policy areas (through the web, weekly newsletter, etc.);
  • Weekly newsletter customisable by policy area
  • User Experience: refined, always evolving UX with great visual appeal of content presentation.

A niche community of professional events organisers and policy makers

  • Global aim - Brussels, Europe and the world
  • Personalised - 14 Policy Areas, 60+ topics
  • Curated - ongoing quality review effort
  • Neutral - editorial neutrality effort
  • Free - add a variety of contents for free