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Public sector


Fuhrenweg 3
27578 Bremerhaven, Germany

The "Europaschule" Johann-Gutenberg-Schule Bremerhaven is an inclusive secondary school in the north of Bremerhaven. With approximately 700 pupils and around 80 teaching staff, it’s the largest school of its kind in the town of Bremerhaven. The JGS is one of three specialist school campuses in Bremerhaven providing inclusive education to pupils with sensory, physical, and developmental Special Educational Needs (SEN). The JGS also comprises of two “welcome classes” These are
intensive German language preparatory classes, for migrant and refugee pupils upon their entry into the German school system.
We also envisage establishing a third “welcome class” in the coming school term. The JGS prides itself in promoting STEM
subjects by offering our pupils access to projects outside the classroom such as “Jugend forscht” (The young scientist and
technology exhibition) and “Schüler experimentieren” (The junior young scientist and technology exhibition for pupils under the age of 15 years). Throughout the years, the JGS has developed and maintained a strong partnership with the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. In order to best meet the needs of our pupils in the subject areas of chemistry and physics, our pupils are taught based on their individual academic abilities from the age of fifteen. A further example of our
innovative approach to meeting our pupil’s needs is the subject “Ernährung/Gesundheit/Ökologie” (EGÖ). This subject, which is unique to the JGS and one of its kind in Germany, is a synergy of the subject areas of nutrition, health, and environmental science. This project-based subject is offered to pupils aged twelve years and above. It is also innately intertwined with our mission of being a “Healthy School” (being a leader in the Healthy Schools Project).
Since the beginning of the academic school year 2017/2018 the JGS has been promoting the theme “Europe” as a central part of both our school’s curriculum and ethos. The JGS has embarked upon it’s journey in becoming the first school in Bremerhaven to be bestowed with the prestigious “Europeschool” accreditation and succeeded in May 2019. The school year 2017 has also marked the commencement of the teaching staff at the JGS becoming acquainted with and gaining their first experiences of Erasmus+ (formerly known as Comenius) and eTwinning projects, which in turn, have been ground-breaking for our school. In order to continue with the advancement of a whole school approach to our involvement in such projects, our teaching staff requires access to further training and professional development ;

Fuhrenweg 3

27578 Bremerhaven


0471 5904420

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