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Non-profit sector

Italian Speleological Society

via Enrico Mattei, 92
40138 Bologna, Italy

SSI Environmental Protection Association
As an environmental protection association, the Italian Speleological Society - Third Sector Organization makes a constant commitment to safeguarding the karst-speleological heritage with scientific research programs and control actions on the state of health and protection of karst and underground environments.

Through studies and analyzes of compatibility in the underground and epigean karst environment, it is a partner of organizations and institutions that seek data, information and methods to add essential knowledge to the rational management of environmental and landscape resources.

The Italian Speleological Society ETS has also focused its attention on the problem of water resources for some time, aware of the fact that in the near future waters of karst origin will be increasingly important for their use.

Aware of the importance of this issue, bodies dedicated to environmental protection have created the Committee for the Global Water Contract.

In this context, the Italian Speleological Society ETS promotes and coordinates the National Speleology Days and Let's Clean the Dark, initiatives aimed at promoting knowledge of the karst territories and raising awareness for the correct management of our country's underground water heritage.

Since 11 January 2008, the Italian Speleological Society has become part of the Italian Commission for the coordination of the IYPE - International Year of Planet Earth.
The Italian Speleological Society recommends to all explorers and visitors to the underground world the adoption of techniques and procedures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of exploration or simple visits, such as the protocol to combat the spread of White Nose Syndrome , applicable to normal speleological activity.

via Enrico Mattei, 92

40138 Bologna


+39 051 534657

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