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Non-profit sector

European Debate Initiative

Strandboulevarden 12
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

The European Debate Initiative is a youth-led debating platform, which was created to foster discussions between professionals and young people on European and global affairs. Policy-makers and experts from various professional fields and countries are invited to share their experience with young people and give them the opportunity to learn from them, be inspired and to think of concrete solutions. With these debates, we promote European and global values of democracy and human rights, and hope to provide answers to some of the biggest challenges we face ;

Our aim is to give young people the opportunity to get a glimpse of what it is like to be a judge, a journalist, a diplomat, a politician, an activist or an expert in a particular field. We ask our guests to share their personal stories about their careers, which advice they would give to young people, and to share their knowledge and perspectives on today’s world. At the same time, we want to raise awareness about topics we consider crucial for young Europeans to ;

Strandboulevarden 12

2100 Copenhagen


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