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Non-profit sector

Big Data Value Association

Avenue des Arts, 56
1000 Brussels, Belgium

The Big Data Value Association – BDVA, (from 2021, DAIRO - Data, AI and Robotics aisbl), is an industry-driven international not–for-profit organisation with more than 230 members all over Europe and a well-balanced composition of large, small, and medium-sized industries as well as research and user organizations.

BDVA/DAIRO focuses on enabling the digital transformation of the economy and society through Data and Artificial Intelligence by advancing in areas such as big data and AI technologies and services, data platforms and data spaces, Industrial AI, data-driven value creation, standardisation, and skills. BDVA/DAIRO has been the private side of the H2020 partnership Big Data Value cPPP, it is a private member of the EuroHPC JU and is also one of the founding members of the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership. BDVA/DAIRO is an open and inclusive community and is always eager to accept new members who share these ambitious objectives.

The mission of the BDVA is to develop the Innovation Ecosystem that will enable the data and AI-driven digital transformation in Europe delivering maximum economic and societal benefit, and, achieving and sustaining Europe’s leadership on Big Data Value creation and Artificial Intelligence.

BDVA is open to new members to further enrich the data value ecosystem and play an active role. These include Data Users, Data Providers, Data Technology Providers and ;BDVA enables existing regional multi-partner cooperation, to collaborate at European level through the provision of tools and knowhow to support the co-creation, development and experimentation of pan-European data-driven applications and services, and know-how exchange.

Avenue des Arts, 56

1000 Brussels


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Past Events (1)

European Big Data Value Forum 2022 Czechia 21 Nov 2022

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