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Non-profit sector

Active cities for EU

Matzagriotaki 76
17476 Athens, Greece

Active Cities for EU promotes local decision making through public consultations, to strengthen citizens’ active involvement in European political life. The project focuses on women as tackling gender inequality in the EU will contribute to the protection and further promotion of the EU citizenship.

The main aims of the project are:

  • To understand the reasons behind the different levels of participation of citisend participation in different countries
  • To identify, share and discuss best practices, methodologies and tools
  • To simplify the identified methodologies and tools and disseminate them in other EU Member States
  • To train municipal personnel in the use of the simplified methodologies and tools to increase citizens’ participation
  • 5. support local authorities in planning and implementing public consultations to involve citizens in policymaking

The target audiences of the project are local and regional authorities at country level, but also local authorities outside the partners’ countries. Women and young people are also a special focus of this project as according to all data they are underrepresented in public consultations and in some cases they are also lacking interest to participate. Journalists and European institutions, associations and networks will be also targeted as multipliers towards policymakers and the general public.

The project partnership supports public consultations and citizens engagement. It is composed of 2 cities and 3 associations from 5 diffrerent countries. The municipality of Kallithea is the coordinator of the project.



Matzagriotaki 76

17476 Athens


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