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Non-profit sector

ACI-Centro InterCulturaCidade

Travessa do Convento de Jesus, 16A
1200-368 Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal

Centro InterCulturaCidade is an independent not-for-profit association working on the valuing of arts and cultural diversity as a tool for social an economic inclusion and for intercultural citizenship. Other topics covered by its works are on community cohesion, local development, non-formal education, community media, social entrepreneurship and international cooperation. The association is located in the historical district of Poço dos Negros / S. Bento (a reference area for the Cape- Verdean migrant community in Lisbon)

The Centre opened its doors in 2004 as a key-element of an EU-funded project (EQUAL Initiative) focussing on preventing discrimination and ethnic and racial discrimination and managed by a development partnership of public and private organizations. In 2010 it was only formally established as an association due to the an initiative of people from various nationalities and backgrounds who joined forces to keep it running after the end of the EU-funded project.

Today, Centro InterCulturaCidade is a member of relevant networks in Portugal and internationally: ALDA (Association for Local Democracy in Europe) Animar (Portuguese Association for Local Development), Rede DLBC Lisboa (Lisbon network for community-led local development), CNJAP – Portuguese Confederation of Young Farmers and Rural Deveopment, Citizens for Europe, and works in co-operation with other networks and structures, namely Junta de Freguesia da Misericórdia (Local authority in Lisbon), Sebrae, Casa Grande Foundation and Sertão Pop Produções(Brazil), Centro Cultural Padre Mugica and UNA-Universidad Nacional de las Artes (Argentina),Criatura and ACACV(Cape Verde). In the period 2014 /2018 ACI took part in the launching of the informal network of European Intercultural Centres (a project inspired and supported by the Council of Europe through its Intercultural Cities Programme). More recently, it has also joined the networking initiative “European Hub for Civic Engagement”, coordinated by the Berlin-based Progressive Zentrum and joined the Lisbon-based Project “Diários de Migrantes” (Migrants` Diaries) in ;                                                                                            ..............................................                                                                                                                  More info:   ;                                                                                  International exchanges and partnerships most welcomed!     


Travessa do Convento de Jesus, 16A

1200-368 Lisboa Lisbon



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