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C/ Casp 118-120
08013 Barcelona, Spain

Bax is a sustainable innovation consultancy, working on international solutions to global challenges in fields like climate adaptation, mobility, smart cities and energy efficiency.

C/ Casp 118-120

08013 Barcelona


VAT ESB62822010


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Ms Amy McCready Communications & PR offic... Account Admin
Ms Katie Basham Team Member
Ms Amber De La Haye Team Member
Ms Caitlin Ball Communications & PR Offic... Team Member
Dr Aitor Hornés Team Member

Past Events (22)

Making future mobility safer for people inside and outside the vehicle Spain 17 May 2023
Towards zero-emission last-mile deliveries: Mechelen in the spotlight 28 Apr 2022
Future-proofing European SMEs through Digitalization & Robotization - COTEMACO F... Belgium 20 Apr 2022
Multimodal mobility hubs and last-mile delivery – webinar 18 Feb 2022
NEXT LEVEL 2021: a hybrid conference for liveable cities through nature-based so... Netherlands 20 Oct 2021
Event series: technology scale-up in municipalities 6 Oct 2021
Event series: technology scale-up in municipalities 29 Sep 2021
Event series: technology scale-up in municipalities 22 Sep 2021
Webinar: Innovation in culture 15 Sep 2021
Free webinar for SMEs: Take a Deep Dive into the Irish Healthcare and Life Scien... 23 Jun 2021
Developing the sustainable Li-ion batteries of the future 2 Jun 2021
Smart Mobility Handbook Implementation Webinar 11 Feb 2021
WEBINAR: The Future of Manufacturing in Europe 21 Oct 2020
MOBI-MIX Roundtable: Collaboration Models with the Private Sector 25 Aug 2020
Webinar: Blockchain in Logistics and the Supply Chain 24 Jul 2020
Webinar - Exoskeletons: potential impact and barriers hindering adoption 25 Jun 2020
Webinar: Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare 2 Jun 2020
Webinar: The Blockstart Training Programme for Healthcare Manufacturers 29 May 2020
The Opportunity of Blockchain Netherlands 19 Mar 2020
ALLIANCE Future of Automotive Lightweighting Day Germany 19 Sep 2019
Shape the future of the electric car and urban mobility with OPTEMUS Netherlands 25 Jun 2019
Upscaling energy efficiency investment in Europe’s housing stock: data-driven ... France 5 Jun 2019

Publications (60)

Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: KENT 25 May 2020 1590407889
A Vision on the Future of Automotive Lightweighting: Accelerating the decarbonisation of a... 25 May 2020 1590409068
COBRA: New initiative developing sustainable batteries for electric vehicles 4 Jun 2020 1591290280
Boosting SME adoption of exoskeletons in construction and manufacturing industries 4 Jun 2020 1591290851
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: DORDRECHT 9 Jul 2020 1594302129
BEGIN policy brief: Social innovations for delivering Blue and Green Infrastructure 14 Jul 2020 1594740040
COBRA: Market intelligence report on the EV battery landscape 27 Jul 2020 1595872995
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: ANTWERP 14 Aug 2020 1597415326
Delivering new solutions for Urban Logistics in the on- demand economy 12 Sep 2020 1599940173
HOOP Project to Vitalise Europe’s Urban Bioeconomy 29 Oct 2020 1603994312
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: BRADFORD 25 Nov 2020 1606310446
The safety & testing methods shaping the #ElectricVehicle industry 30 Apr 2021 1619802908
Are exoskeletons right for my company? TNO’s new online tool will help you decide 12 May 2021 1620831570
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: GOTHENBURG 15 Jun 2021 1623784092
Boosting productivity across Europe's #manufacturing industries (COTEMACO newsletter) 15 Jun 2021 1623784210
Peatlands Across Europe: Innovation & Inspiration 16 Jun 2021 1623843561
MOBI-MIX Report: The MaaS Scene 18 Jun 2021 1624040310
COBRA: The Environmental and Social impacts of Li-ion batteries 14 Jul 2021 1626268760
Exploring the City of Rotterdam's current mobility strategy 6 Aug 2021 1628263455
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: GHENT 17 Aug 2021 1629207414
Blue-Green Cities in the Spotlight: ABERDEEN 30 Aug 2021 1630320680
COTEMACO Success story: Hasborner Mühle 30 Sep 2021 1633018530
COTEMACO Success story: Aminolabs 30 Sep 2021 1633018637
COTEMACO Success story: Müller Präzisionswerkzeuge 30 Sep 2021 1633018738
COTEMACO Success story: One Planet Pizza 30 Sep 2021 1633018827
COTEMACO Success story: KMH 30 Sep 2021 1633018937
COBRA: Market intelligence report on the EV battery landscape 11 Oct 2021 1633951334
COTEMACO Success story: Lincolnshire Drizzle Company 6 Jan 2022 1641431040
COTEMACO Success story: Mariën Bakkerij 6 Jan 2022 1641431907
COTEMACO Success story: Bernd Kraft GmbH 6 Jan 2022 1641432151
COTEMACO Success story: Jenny’s Jams 6 Jan 2022 1641432344
COTEMACO Success story: Clever Sweets 6 Jan 2022 1641432460
Become an ULaaDS follower city and visit Mechelen! 17 Jan 2022 1642418565
Collection of success stories from the EU funded Interreg COTEMACO project 23 Jan 2022 1642949038
EU road deaths: we need safer infrastructure 28 Jan 2022 1643361634
Defining Safety-Critical Scenarios - the SAFE-UP project 28 Jan 2022 1643362162
A new study looks at the main contributing factors behind 576 multi-vehicle crashes involv... 28 Jan 2022 1643362361
The effects of Covid-19 on Urban Mobility 24 Feb 2022 1645717410
What will happen to used EV batteries in the future? 10 Mar 2022 1646918013
The latest on Europe's next-generation lithium-ion batteries 18 Mar 2022 1647609890
Exploring the City of Mechelen's current mobility strategy 21 Mar 2022 1647867095
COBOTS: Useful resources for SMEs on the implementation of collaborative robots 24 Mar 2022 1648135415
Meet the ULaaDS Follower Cities: Milan, Gdynia, Leuven and Helmond 25 Mar 2022 1648210274
Current Safety-Critical Scenarios for Car-to-Cyclist crashes in the EU 25 Mar 2022 1648215585
Current Safety-Critical Scenarios for Car-to-Pedestrian crashes in the EU 25 Mar 2022 1648215693
The most common crash scenarios involving small & large motorcycles 4 Apr 2022 1649068428
How to choose a governance approach for the deployment of shared mobility solutions? 27 Apr 2022 1651067840
COBRA: Battery Prognostics & Health Management 16 May 2022 1652707114
How will the EC's New Battery Regulation affect you? 1 Aug 2022 1659345164
SAFE-UP: driving key research for Euro NCAP’s future vehicle safety assessment 1 Aug 2022 1659345732
Mobility hubs, a lever for more sustainable mobility? ×Status message 29 Sep 2022 1664448847
COBRA: Market intelligence report on the EV battery landscape 6 Oct 2022 1665077005
How can we extract more value from retired EV batteries? 19 Dec 2022 1671486453
COBRA: Market Intelligence Report on the Cathode Materials Market 21 Mar 2023 1679427628
COBRA: Market Intelligence Report on Solid-state electrolytes 27 Apr 2023 1682604538
Market intelligence: BMS and State of Charge estimation methods 20 Dec 2023 1703092210
COBRA: Market Intelligence Report on Battery Housing 25 Mar 2024 1711385979
LEON-T User/consumer acceptance survey 18 Jun 2024 1718721114
The latest on the EU's battery strategy and policies 15 Jul 2024 1721046943
EU Battery R&D: a financial perspective 15 Jul 2024 1721047028

News (500)

Step 4⃣- Unite your community 🤝 Conflicting interests can challenge commun... 4 Oct 2022
Step 3⃣ - Make the right connections 🧩 A community is only as strong as it... 4 Oct 2022
Step 2⃣ - Build a strong business case 💪 Energy communities have a unique ... 4 Oct 2022
Step 1⃣ - Monitor the regulation 👩‍💼 Regulation for energy communitie... 4 Oct 2022
Inspiring debate on how to accelerate investments in the urban circular bio-econ... 4 Oct 2022
We're proud to be working alongside such an expert team of researchers, leading ... 4 Oct 2022
🦾The use of #exoskeletons can influence operations in a range of different in... 3 Oct 2022
https://t.co/m3D8eoFV9x 3 Oct 2022
Today is #WorldHabitatDay Working alongside @UNHABITAT, we will soon be expandi... 3 Oct 2022
Lightweight materials look to play a significant role in the phase-out of the in... 30 Sep 2022
Read the latest report from the @MobiMix_2Seas project and learn why #mobilityhu... 30 Sep 2022
Looking forward to hearing more about the physical testing happening at @ApplusI... 29 Sep 2022
Want to get involved? Explore our emerging focus area to see how we could suppor... 28 Sep 2022
With the current rate of depletion of our natural assets and of the services the... 28 Sep 2022
The HOOP Lunch Talks are back! Are you a member of our Network of Cities and Re... 28 Sep 2022
#Exoskeletons provide an innovative way to protect employees from common work re... 27 Sep 2022
#CircularEconomy can allow cities to unlock growth and development without turni... 27 Sep 2022
Get to the heart of healthy #urbanplanning with the revolutionary #HealthyCities... 23 Sep 2022
We're looking forward to presenting the #blueprint on accelerating the #Circular... 22 Sep 2022
🌎📗 Educate yourself on #ClimateChange 🌍📗 There are so many great ar... 21 Sep 2022
🛒🍃 Support sustainable local businesses 🛒🍃 When shopping or heading... 21 Sep 2022
💡🔌⚡️ Reduce light and electricity use 💡🔌⚡️ Turning off ligh... 21 Sep 2022
🚶🚲🚅 Sustainable commuting 🚶🚲🚅 Instead of driving to work, why... 21 Sep 2022
🌎🌳Today is #ZeroEmissionsDay! 🌿🌍 There are several ways you can get... 21 Sep 2022
“The healthy city actively promotes physical, mental and environmental well-be... 21 Sep 2022
Join us for the 2nd webinar in our series exploring sustainable #urbanlogistics ... 20 Sep 2022
Are you a mobility expert for a city or a municipality? Join the ACCESS event ... 20 Sep 2022
The @SAFE_UP_ initiative is exploring how Cooperative, connected and #automated ... 19 Sep 2022
📅 Today the day! 🚎 There is still time to register for this free webinar... 15 Sep 2022
R&D in #urbanfreight #transport is generating many new #ondemand & susta... 13 Sep 2022
Head over to the #BID2022 virtual EXPO area and come chat with us at the @COBRA_... 13 Sep 2022
🗓 There’s still time to secure a place at Walk21 Ireland 19-23 Sept! With ... 12 Sep 2022
Great picture of Manh Tuan Tran attending the EPE 22 Conference in Hanover this ... 9 Sep 2022
💡 Interesting to read what companies value most about involving themselves wi... 9 Sep 2022
🗓️Not long to go before #MobilityWeek 2022! 🔗This year, towns and citi... 9 Sep 2022
#Wetlands are vital #NatureBasedSolutions. These #ecosystems are critical in th... 8 Sep 2022
There are only 2 weeks to go until the #UrbanMobility Days!🇪🇺 Join us in ... 8 Sep 2022
#SaveTheDate The first HOOP #Circular Investors Day will take place on 4 October... 7 Sep 2022
Attending #BID2022 next week? Join us at our virtual booth where you'll have the... 7 Sep 2022
Working on the digitization of the EU #manufacturing industry? All the 🇪... 6 Sep 2022
Join the upcoming RIGHTWEIGHT webinar hosted by IPEK: Opportunities for an agile... 6 Sep 2022
🚎 The Pendel Mobility project provides autonomous transport solutions as a se... 5 Sep 2022
📰Great to see @ELCAnetwork featured in the latest edition of @JECComposites M... 5 Sep 2022
In a little over 2️⃣ weeks, #MobilityWeek will launch 🚀 a week packed wit... 5 Sep 2022
Hear from Romain Agogué at @CT_IPC who attended the recent ELCA #CircularEconom... 2 Sep 2022
Processes like #HealthImpactAssessment offer simple language to describe complex... 1 Sep 2022
🚌SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY🚄 Get ready for the 2nd webinar of our series about t... 1 Sep 2022
Interested in learning about the effects of #Covid19 on #UrbanMobility? Have a c... 1 Sep 2022
STEPS participant @Elestor_BV on @InnoNewsNetwork! 📢 Elestor's #innovative f... 31 Aug 2022
🖥️ DID YOU KNOW? 🇳🇱 Our Website is available in Dutch! 😀 The Du... 30 Aug 2022
📄 NEW REPORT 📄 🚚 Our new quantitative report titled: "Key Trends in th... 30 Aug 2022
In case you can't come to Dublin, you can join us online. Our online ticket offe... 30 Aug 2022
Gain insights into the RIGHTWEIGHT support programme from the organisations invo... 29 Aug 2022
Meet our Blockstarter OpenCommodities - a team exploring blockchain's value in #... 29 Aug 2022
📱 Interested in how #data is used to improve the efficiency of public service... 25 Aug 2022
Join us in Dublin for high-level plenaries, sessions, workshops, walkshops, roun... 24 Aug 2022
The Interreg @NorthSeaRegion project @SCORE_NSR gave us a valuable network and a... 22 Aug 2022
The #Cities2030 project brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, civil societ... 22 Aug 2022
“For the Dutch, traffic safety is seen as an engineering problem, not an enfor... 19 Aug 2022
Soils' best kept secrets, by @FAO. https://t.co/uJv2P0QNHq 18 Aug 2022
“The strongest weapon that we have for lowering temperatures are trees." 🌳 ... 18 Aug 2022
💡Below, @EBurlinghaus touches on the US #industry's pushback on #regulation, ... 16 Aug 2022
💡Below, @EBurlinghaus touches on the US #industry's pushback on #regulation, ... 16 Aug 2022
AMULET has officially closed its 1st Open Call! 🥳 🥳 🥳 We received: ... 16 Aug 2022
🇪🇺 💡Read more about the expected impact of the EC's proposed #battery r... 12 Aug 2022
🧠Meet the minds behind SAFE-UP🧠 Combining expertise from their Vehicle an... 11 Aug 2022
Hear from Agathe Bouvet-Marchand at @SP_Polymers who attended the recent ELCA #C... 11 Aug 2022
Public health interventions tend to focus on influencing individual behaviours r... 10 Aug 2022
Wetlands, “Kidneys of the Earth”, cover only around 6% of the Earth’s land... 10 Aug 2022
Would you like to meet other #walking enthusiasts? We're glad to see each other ... 9 Aug 2022
A nice video showing the #NFM interventions on #IlkleyMoor SCORE partner @bradf... 9 Aug 2022
How can #blockchain boost competitiveness for SMEs in the #agrofood industry? ... 8 Aug 2022
🧠Meet the minds behind SAFE-UP🧠 #Automotive manufacturer @AudiOfficial, w... 5 Aug 2022
Join us & @e_smartec in our #JointFinalConference in Brussels on the 23 &... 5 Aug 2022
Why is reusing #waste so important? According to the @EU_Commission, the averag... 4 Aug 2022
🔋The #BatteryInnovationDays return next month and we're excited to participat... 4 Aug 2022
Did you attend the #COP26 #PeatlandPavilion online or in person? The following s... 3 Aug 2022
📢 "The #CircularEconomy has a huge potential to make our societies more #sust... 3 Aug 2022
https://t.co/VxZlA9jlBK 2 Aug 2022
"Open collaboration around software development and data sharing can improve pub... 2 Aug 2022
💡New Insight 📰In this qualitative article, partners consider the interact... 2 Aug 2022
Hear from LAVOISIER COMPOSITES one of the SMEs in the RIGHTWEIGHT support progra... 1 Aug 2022
Thanks @baxcompany for the chance to contribute to @COBRA_batteries' report on t... 29 Jul 2022
The pandemic has highlighted the connections between our natural environments, e... 29 Jul 2022
How will the EC's new #battery regulation affect you?🔋 Find out in the brand... 29 Jul 2022
♻️ At @baxcompany, we help industries, cities and public authorities of all ... 27 Jul 2022
♻️ At @baxcompany, we help industries, cities and public authorities of all ... 27 Jul 2022
✅ Countries with the highest #CircularEconomy score include 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧! ... 27 Jul 2022
❔ DID YOU KNOW: ❔ ♻️ The @EU_Commission estimates that jobs related to ... 27 Jul 2022
Check your inbox! 📥 We've just sent out our 3rd newsletter with insights from... 27 Jul 2022
Learn about innovative AV design solutions from @AHO_Oslo and @MIT! The study ... 26 Jul 2022
Discover the latest from the @ULaaDS city trials - exploring #innovative zero-em... 25 Jul 2022
#Peatlands have "a wealth of natural assets which, if managed carefully, can hav... 25 Jul 2022
Get the latest on #AmuletH2020💻 Keep in touch with us and be part of the pro... 22 Jul 2022
Circular water solutions are essential to bring the urban circular #bioeconomy t... 22 Jul 2022
For planning and measure health in cities! @URBACT's @healthycitiesAP network is... 22 Jul 2022
The @StadMechelen ACCESS pilot project is a local energy community built in an i... 19 Jul 2022
We have teamed up with other projects under the #ROOTS group to promote #circula... 18 Jul 2022
Exactly one month ago, we held our “SCORE: Open Source for Public Services” ... 18 Jul 2022
We often talk about #bioeconomy and how HOOP Lighthouses contribute to it. But w... 15 Jul 2022
The ULaaDS initiative is delivering solutions for #UrbanLogistics in the #OnDema... 15 Jul 2022
The @URBANIZED_EU observatory is a resource for #logistics operators, suppliers,... 15 Jul 2022
Don’t miss the unique opportunity receive funding and business&training su... 14 Jul 2022
We'll be sharing more SAFE-UP partner interviews over the remainder of this year... 14 Jul 2022
The Healthy Cities Generator is a hands-on, practical planning tool designed to ... 12 Jul 2022
Proof of Concept (POC): It's the tool used for assessment of the technical feas... 12 Jul 2022
🧠 Meet the minds behind SAFE-UP, starting with #TNO! 🧠 Click to discover ... 12 Jul 2022
🚙🚌🚈🚶🚲 Looking ahead to European Mobility Week 2022 @mobilityweek ... 11 Jul 2022
Interested in learning more about the features of the urban environment 🌿🚲... 8 Jul 2022
Just 2 weeks left to submit your application! Get up to 60k€ per SME! Apply be... 8 Jul 2022
💡The second half of 2022 will see several insightful events related to #Urban... 7 Jul 2022
Bax & Company is proud to be supporting the project management of @RIGHTWEIG... 7 Jul 2022
Did you miss the recent webinar from @IfMCambridge? The session looked at what... 7 Jul 2022
Before and after: “Loulé is an example of: how to combine investment in infra... 5 Jul 2022
Ask experts about potential exoskeleton use-cases, their benefits, their barrier... 5 Jul 2022
Don't miss our next market intelligence report on the new EU Battery Regulation ... 4 Jul 2022
🤝To support you in finding partners to create a consortium and prepare the pr... 4 Jul 2022
Introducing you to our #ProjectOfTheMonth 🏆 : the #EUfunded AMULET project ... 30 Jun 2022
💡Interested in how we work with clients and partners to effectively integrate... 29 Jun 2022
💡Interested in how we work together with clients and partners to effectively ... 29 Jun 2022
If you want to increase the liveability of your city with sustainable, smart and... 28 Jun 2022
People Hate the Idea of #CarFreeCities—Until They Live in One https://t.co/QyQ... 28 Jun 2022
Horton Park is one of the first public parks created in Bradford, England. Disco... 27 Jun 2022
Adoption of commercial electric vans and trucks are supported by more models ava... 27 Jun 2022
Interested in learning more about peatland rewetting? Read the paper of Dr. Ame... 23 Jun 2022
This week, we attended the @H2020Storm Workshop, where we were one of 5 EU Proje... 23 Jun 2022
HOOP #StudyTour continues in @almere! Today we learnt about the city's #biowast... 23 Jun 2022
"Exoskeletten: hype of realiteit?"🇧🇪 Next Tuesday @POMWVL and @brubotics ... 22 Jun 2022
What is a healthy city? And how can you measure #health in a city? As presented... 22 Jun 2022
Sharing experiences, presenting results and learning from peers! Wonderful exper... 20 Jun 2022
Check the recording of 4th Info Day&Matchmaking👇 https://t.co/ZBsKZZNWR4 ... 20 Jun 2022
Today the #EXSKALLERATE partners are at @RoboHouseDelft for a long-overdue face-... 20 Jun 2022
Learn what Composite Research's Dr. Nicola Giulietti values about the RIGHTWEIGH... 17 Jun 2022
Achievement unlocked: optimal balance between key e-drivetrain component sizes, ... 17 Jun 2022
@healthycitiesAP in the session “Greening health resilience” at #URBACTfest... 15 Jun 2022
Day 2 of #URBACTfest - exciting day ahead for the EU cities here at @LaCiteFerti... 15 Jun 2022
‼️ The first HOOP Study Tour is next week! Join us in #Almere and #Münster... 15 Jun 2022
⏳Less than 1 month left to submit your application! 💰Get up to 60k€ per ... 14 Jun 2022
We're delighted to be a part of the first #autonomous shuttle in #Flanders to dr... 14 Jun 2022
What opportunities can be found in the RIGHTWEIGHT support programme? Hear fro... 14 Jun 2022
Bike-tour in the green city of @GemDordrecht, visiting smart parks with the pro... 10 Jun 2022
Is there life after death for Europe’s lithium-ion batteries? https://t.co/iqn... 10 Jun 2022
Solar energy is cheap, clean, modular & flexible. In 2020, the ☀️ market... 9 Jun 2022
Can exoskeletons reduce workplace injuries and improve quality of life in the @N... 9 Jun 2022
Are you curious to find out more about the ELCA working group characterisation a... 9 Jun 2022
Wow: improved public services, reduced development time, more collaboration betw... 8 Jun 2022
ELCA Platform is an online platform that works as a matchmaking environment, tar... 7 Jun 2022
Excited to work on the valorisation of urban #biowaste and #wastewater sludge in... 7 Jun 2022
Today, Xinwei Wang of @tudelft is in Aachen presenting the poster 'Prediction-Ba... 6 Jun 2022
Thank you to our wonderful hosts @cmloule for organising a fun & successful ... 6 Jun 2022
How much do you know about 🇪🇺 forests? 🤔 Our 🆕 infographics show a ... 3 Jun 2022
Scottish high school students recently had a tour of the EXSKALLERATE exhibition... 3 Jun 2022
Congratulations to our partner @bradfordmdc - the official #Cityofculture2025! ... 2 Jun 2022
Watch the Varberg AV pilot in action! 🎥 In June 2021, the self-driving bus o... 1 Jun 2022
Sharing our final product - the Healthy Cities Generator - together with our Hea... 1 Jun 2022
🎥 | A self-driving electric bus will transport workers from one part of the B... 1 Jun 2022
We help develop and implement new #technologies in order to address large societ... 31 May 2022
At the 'SCORE: Open Source for Public Services' Conference, nine cities and univ... 30 May 2022
Want to learn more about the AMULET project, funding opportunities and how to ap... 27 May 2022
The ACCESS project was at the @NorthSeaRegion conference yesterday! Project re... 27 May 2022
The RIGHTWEIGHT support programme can help you improve your competitiveness in t... 26 May 2022
🎥 | A self-driving electric bus will transport workers from one part of the B... 26 May 2022
If you missed last week's webinar 'Shaping the future of #exoskeletons', you can... 25 May 2022
Turning mobility innovation into reality! My press conference w @damiacalvet in ... 25 May 2022
Join us this Thursday @ 15:00 to discover the emerging findings from the Europea... 25 May 2022
The RIGHTWEIGHT call for solutions is still open! Can you provide an innovativ... 24 May 2022
Congratulations to #ULaaDS consortium member Paul Buijs & his colleague Anna... 24 May 2022
🔋With fast & accurate battery prognostics & health management, time-t... 23 May 2022
#Peatlands scientists and experts are invited to an online information session a... 20 May 2022
The MOBI-MIX Governance approach model supports cities to make an informed choic... 20 May 2022
Yesterday our team @VUBrussel + @baxcompany met with Equatorial Power Ltd in Kam... 20 May 2022
In Sweden, @higaktuellt is busy testing #exoskeletons with SMEs in authentic wor... 19 May 2022
Powerful links at the JEC World Composites 2022! (@JEC Group) During the event ... 19 May 2022
Shape the future of #exoskeletons with @NMIS_group, @UniStrathclyde, & @BE_S... 18 May 2022
Last week, the #LCBAT5Cluster hosted its first in-person workshop at the Ångstr... 18 May 2022
Under a shining sun in @StadMechelen ULaaDS cities and partners got together for... 17 May 2022
A lot of work is happening in and around Wielwijk Park to promote #ClimateAdapta... 17 May 2022
How can we guarantee the best #batteries for our #electricvehicles?🔋 💡 In... 16 May 2022
The @Wal_Chain network brings together #blockchain players in Wallonia with the ... 16 May 2022
We will never forget this proud moment! A prize well earned @BEGIN_NSR for their... 13 May 2022
To successfully secure funding for your project, it is important to understand h... 13 May 2022
@SCORE_NSR, in collaboration with @oascities, is proud to present the “SCORE: ... 12 May 2022
Learn why Lavoisier Composites engineer Baptiste Gaumond recommends SMEs to appl... 12 May 2022
@SAFE_UP_ project designs and analyses safety-critical scenarios in near-future ... 12 May 2022
For our latest issue of the ELCA newsletter, we spoke with George Kotsikos from ... 11 May 2022
Webinar happening this week! Don´t forget to register to secure your place, d... 11 May 2022
Day 2 of the "Sustainable Urban Logistics Workshop" co-organised by @ICLEI and @... 10 May 2022
Day 1 of the "Sustainable Urban Logistics Workshop" co-organised by @ICLEI and @... 9 May 2022
Happy EuropeDay🇪🇺! Projects like #SHOWh2020, emerging from transnational... 9 May 2022
👉🏼 What are the benefits of #EnergyCommunities? 🔸 Environmental: Reduc... 6 May 2022
The RIGHTWEIGHT project was at the JEC World 2022! (@JECComposites) Thank you ... 6 May 2022
Meet our Blockstarter @DrData_fr - an innovative, trusted third party in health ... 6 May 2022
Did you miss our 4th eHUBS webinar "Planning and Evaluation of eHUBS? No worries... 5 May 2022
SAFE-UP is contributing to the EU’s #VisionZero through understanding and redu... 5 May 2022
Shape the future of #exoskeletons with us on May 19th! At this free webinar fr... 5 May 2022
Happy and proud to participate in the HOOP project to work on the valorisation o... 4 May 2022
On May 31st, COBRA consortium member Sébastien Fantini will present #Solvionic'... 4 May 2022
🍺Einbecker Brauhaus has been trialling #exoskeletons to make full use of its ... 3 May 2022
Join @IfMCambridge on the 12th of May at 10am for the Future Cities: Implication... 3 May 2022
How to choose a governance approach for the deployment of shared mobility soluti... 2 May 2022
Cities share experiences of developing and replicating #opensource solutions for... 29 Apr 2022
Our partner @pa_malta is currently hosting @cmloule and @bradfordmdc as the team... 28 Apr 2022
Head over to the COBRA website to check out our latest published research on Lit... 27 Apr 2022
Our April newsletter arrives tomorrow - subscribe to our mailing list so you don... 27 Apr 2022
#Exoskeletons in the workplace: what do employees think?🤔 We'll be sharing e... 27 Apr 2022
Related to the #CircularEconomy, circularity encompasses these principles and al... 26 Apr 2022
How can public space build #UrbanResilience? Fostering: 1. Common vision 2. Liv... 26 Apr 2022
🗣You still have time to register for this Thursday's webinar where we'll expl... 25 Apr 2022
PAV project partners @AHO_Oslo have developed a report on innovative #AV design ... 25 Apr 2022
Delighted to receive our awards in time for #EarthDay2022! Last December, BEGI... 22 Apr 2022
🌍 #EarthDay #EarthDay2022 #PeatlandsMatter https://t.co/ySd8ZkmQrd 22 Apr 2022
Do you want to contribute to a market ecosystem for peatland restoration? Then... 22 Apr 2022
Working together towards a Healthy Pärnu 🌳 Our partners from @aj_vic & ... 21 Apr 2022
Meet our Blockstarter @RoyalEijkelkamp - a pioneer in soil & water research ... 21 Apr 2022
We've got a full calendar of events next week, with something for everyone! 🚨... 21 Apr 2022
Stay up-to-date on progress on vitalising Europe’s urban #bioeconomy with the ... 19 Apr 2022
What value does the RIGHTWEIGHT support programme have? AMS group one of the S... 19 Apr 2022
Studies show that #HealthImpactAssessment positively impacts decision-making in ... 14 Apr 2022
QR codes have so many uses and SCORE has already produced an #OpenSource QR Code... 14 Apr 2022
Bringing the urban bioeconomy to a town near you. Activity organized by @hoop_eu... 14 Apr 2022
The @AmuletH2020 project open call applications are now open! Receive funding, ... 13 Apr 2022
Don't miss Blockstart at the Food Technology 2022 Event! Today and tomorrow, y... 13 Apr 2022
To support our roadmap that will ID the right mix of policies, strategies & ... 12 Apr 2022
The City of #Bradford in the #UK is adopting Blue and Green Infrastructure as a ... 12 Apr 2022
Join us on🗓 April 28th @ 09:30 for our 1st webinar exploring #sustainable #ur... 12 Apr 2022
The SAFE-UP initiative has published multiple informative deliverables on its re... 11 Apr 2022
The latest #ULaaDS insight 'Data-driven decision support tools for Urban Freight... 11 Apr 2022
How can #urbandesign be a key influencer of #health? Celebrate #WorldHealthDay ... 8 Apr 2022
The @NorfolkCC's in-person e-scooter training sessions launch! The training ses... 8 Apr 2022
A fundamental step to building a healthier future is #HealthImpactAssessment T... 7 Apr 2022
Applications for the RIGHTWEIGHT support programme close on the 11th of April! ... 7 Apr 2022
The evidence is clear: the time for action is now. We can halve emissions by 203... 6 Apr 2022
What does the future of mobility in Europe look like? In a panel discussion at... 5 Apr 2022
There is still time to apply to the RIGHTWEIGHT support programme! Gain expert... 5 Apr 2022
Our #stakeholderengagement experts from @IFZ_Graz led a CIVITAS FastTrack Capac... 4 Apr 2022
Our researchers have analysed the characteristics of the most common injury/deat... 4 Apr 2022
The City of #Bradford in the #UK is adopting Blue and Green Infrastructure as a ... 4 Apr 2022
The MOBI-MIX partner meeting took place last week with many insightful discussio... 1 Apr 2022
Did you know #Mechelen 🇧🇪 is setting up an #autonomousdriving #parcellocke... 1 Apr 2022
🚀 Future-proofing European SMEs through #Digitalization & #Robotization ... 31 Mar 2022
Our #URBACTfest is back! https://t.co/QR74yl1rkr This time, #CarbonNeutral! It w... 31 Mar 2022
Fantastic afternoon talking and showing #digitaltwins at @JohannebergSP and @vis... 31 Mar 2022
"Like hard hats, exoskeletons could soon become a safety requirement." @CScotIC... 30 Mar 2022
#Cities exchange #opensource solutions with focus #replication! #iot #smartcit... 30 Mar 2022
And present @IRISsmartcities as important collaboration project for #Gothenburg ... 29 Mar 2022
📣Don't forget COBRA will be at the #H2020RTR21 Conference in Brussels! Our l... 28 Mar 2022
Take a look at the RIGHTWEIGHT challenges! Can you provide an innovative light... 28 Mar 2022
There are countless benefits to involving local stakeholders in #HealthImpactAss... 28 Mar 2022
Want to implement #cobots in your workforce but don't know where to start? The #... 25 Mar 2022
Assembly #Intelligence and @Cintra_USA are working together to engage key sector... 25 Mar 2022
📣We're excited to reveal our 4 Follower cities! 🇮🇹Milan,🇵🇱Gdynia... 24 Mar 2022
DID YOU KNOW❓Crashes between drivers & cyclists usually occur when the cyc... 24 Mar 2022
The MOBI-MIX in-person partner meeting has just kicked off! The MOBI-MIX partn... 23 Mar 2022
Our new go-to resource for an overview of #blockchain opportunities in the #EU ... 23 Mar 2022
Communities deserve a say in their local #urbanplanning processes. How does your... 22 Mar 2022
Exploring @StadMechelen's current mobility strategy! Dive into Mechelen's mobi... 21 Mar 2022
🔛The #RFCS Summit 2022 is about to start! On today's agenda: ➡️How #EUfu... 21 Mar 2022
🍃For millions of people across the world, wood helps provide safe drinking wa... 21 Mar 2022
Is there life after death for #EV #batteries?🔋 ♻️ On #GlobalRecyclingDay... 18 Mar 2022
Last mile deliveries are in a state of flux with the rise of online shopping, hi... 18 Mar 2022
#Peatland is a #carbon superhero. Discover our toolbox created for #farmers and ... 18 Mar 2022
Children can change the world and the future of our cities: a wonderful #Healthy... 17 Mar 2022
Last month we co-hosted a webinar with @move21eu to explore the multimodal hubs ... 17 Mar 2022
🔊 We're back with the 2nd edition of the #LCBAT5Cluster newsletter, bringing ... 17 Mar 2022
Project partners @JohannebergSP took a visit to @OrebroBostader to learn more ab... 17 Mar 2022
Last year we invited you to trial exoskeletons with us and @NMIS_group at our In... 16 Mar 2022
DID YOU KNOW❓Crashes between drivers & pedestrians mainly occur away from ... 16 Mar 2022
🔋How do Morrow's cobalt-free #battery cells compare to COBRA's? Head over to... 16 Mar 2022
Marrying science, technology and economics for the creation of clean energy. BP ... 15 Mar 2022
Predicting the costs of patenting innovations and maintaining a patent portfolio... 15 Mar 2022
💡 Don't forget our free pre-feasibility study includes: ⚙️ A technical a... 15 Mar 2022
👋Registration now open. Join us in Ireland (or online)! "Expect to be immers... 14 Mar 2022
📢📢📢We have GREAT NEWS: #EUCities, you have more time to apply! The app... 14 Mar 2022
Improving #AirQuality means improving local #GreenSpaces 🌳 Discover our work... 9 Mar 2022
Looking back at this week's succesful meeting hosted by @aytogr 🇪🇸 with a ... 9 Mar 2022
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!🙋🏽‍♀️ @ICLEI_Europe is celebrating #... 8 Mar 2022
"Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimina... 8 Mar 2022
"In the EU, around 88 million tonnes of #foodwaste are generated annually with a... 7 Mar 2022
Have you met our mascot Uly? 👀 ▶️ Follow him on his mission to deliver J... 7 Mar 2022
Testing Healthy Cities Generator with our @URBACT @healthycitiesAP partners! A ... 3 Mar 2022
Today at Bax & Company, we come together as a team🫂🎉 to learn from eac... 3 Mar 2022
✅A European Peatlands Initiative? Yes please! 📢Short survey by @DeptHousin... 3 Mar 2022
The most expensive and polluting part of the #logistics chain is the last mile. ... 2 Mar 2022
Check what Ricardo del Valle from @baxcompany said about benefits of taking part... 2 Mar 2022
Reflecting on progress halfway through a project is key to achieving that projec... 2 Mar 2022
Wetlands help us prepare for, cope with and bounce back from the impacts of #Cli... 1 Mar 2022
Do you have an innovative solution for the #auto or #aero industry? Take a loo... 1 Mar 2022
Join the ELCA platform! The ELCA online platform is a collaborative space for s... 1 Mar 2022
Could a government-backed network strengthen collaboration for European peatland... 28 Feb 2022
While #SUMPs are becoming a requirement for all large TEN-T nodes, Sustainable U... 28 Feb 2022
🌁With poverty and housing exclusion on the rise in Europe, cities will play a... 25 Feb 2022
🔴Attention❗️ #OpenCall has been postponed❗️ #AmuletH2020 consortium h... 25 Feb 2022
Explore @pa_malta's work in the historic city of Senglea and discover their new ... 24 Feb 2022
The #agrofood industry is increasingly turning to #blockchain to improve transpa... 24 Feb 2022
AV pilot update in Inverness! The @HITRANS AV passenger pilot will see a link b... 23 Feb 2022
The population of the world is getting older🧓and working periods are being ex... 23 Feb 2022
Be @ #H2020RTR21 Conference on 29 March https://t.co/0fvFKA65Nz. @ProjectLevitat... 22 Feb 2022
Join the @FlandersMake event "RIGHTWEIGHT: Developing environmentally friendly s... 22 Feb 2022
Design and implementation of successfull urban waste reduction and valorisation ... 21 Feb 2022
The #CNRoadshow2022 kicks off 3rd April in Pordenone, Italy. If you can't join... 21 Feb 2022
SCORE has provided the impetus for the #OpenData model of #Bradford that has bec... 18 Feb 2022
Recent forecasts show that most #EVbatteries will reach their end of life after ... 18 Feb 2022
📣 Nuestro proyecto @HorizonEU #HOOP estuvo presente el pasado 07/02, de la ma... 18 Feb 2022
ELCA has released its 1st video! Watch to see how the ELCA is working to stren... 17 Feb 2022
Can you provide a lightweight solution in the auto or aero industry? Take a lo... 17 Feb 2022
How can we keep passengers of #autonomousvehicles safe in new seating positions?... 16 Feb 2022
Multimodal hubs can play an important role in the transition towards #ZeroEmissi... 15 Feb 2022
A new report found thirty-nine bike-share schemes across the U.K. are reducing c... 15 Feb 2022
📅 Announcing the launch date for the CREATORS Open Call! From the ⚠️ 𝟐... 14 Feb 2022
We are thrilled that @Exskallerate pilot sites are now up and running!🎉 Submi... 11 Feb 2022
Exploring new ideas to make @aj_vic's Puig dels Jueus a healthier #GreenSpace ov... 11 Feb 2022
📢 We've just published our new #policybrief 'Value Integration for Delivering... 11 Feb 2022
Are you an SME interested in innovating in the #lightweight field? Then get invo... 10 Feb 2022
Don't miss the Additive Manufacturing in Composites & Metals webinar on the ... 10 Feb 2022
From new rain gardens to woodlands, @EnfieldCouncil has implemented multiple #bl... 10 Feb 2022
Definitions matter. How do you define innovation?🤔💡We're curious. Vote bel... 9 Feb 2022
When was the last time you learned something new? 🧠 Now is your chance! Dive ... 9 Feb 2022
Wondering how to keep up-to-date with our latest news and exciting work?💡Read... 9 Feb 2022
Experts agree on improving #healthcare with #digitaltransformation, but how can ... 8 Feb 2022
The @CIRIAupdates team has published a review that considers how the BEGIN partn... 8 Feb 2022
Small scale actions - a key part of @URBACT projects - have proven to be a valua... 8 Feb 2022
Did you receive our newsletter today?📨 Subscribe now and receive it right aw... 7 Feb 2022
The RIGHTWEIGHT 2nd call for solutions is now open! Learn how the RIGHTWEIGHT ... 7 Feb 2022
A new survey has highlighted the requirements, risks & opportunities of #car... 7 Feb 2022
Accessible, safe and convenient 🚘 mobility for all: as part of @SHOW_H2020, ... 4 Feb 2022
📺BEGIN made its debut on Portuguese TV!📺 The @rtppt programme features ou... 4 Feb 2022
Mª E. Anta, Dirª Gestión #ProductosQuímicos @Feique_ES,modera el turno de pr... 4 Feb 2022
Marcos Ierides, Innovation Consultant @baxcompany, presenta la hoja de ruta de @... 3 Feb 2022
Since 2018, #COTEMACO has supported 50+ companies in future-proofing their busin... 3 Feb 2022
We've co-organised a free webinar with @Rupprecht_Tweet on the status of #SULPs ... 3 Feb 2022
@kristinasimona 3 Feb 2022
@pippa_hackett 3 Feb 2022
Between now and 2031, @EnfieldCouncil is aiming to create more publicly accessib... 3 Feb 2022
👀 Check out this interesting @BRIDGE_H2020 🇪🇺 article on the CREATORS O... 1 Feb 2022
🍳 Our Smart City Cookbook is now available! Get all the ingredients for succ... 1 Feb 2022
STEPS 2021 in figures! We are proud to share the #milestones of a fruitful year... 31 Jan 2022
📹Here's a sneak peek of the VRU collision avoidance tests taking place at @th... 31 Jan 2022
How can cities kickstart sustainable #UrbanLogistics initiatives? 🚚📦 @IF... 31 Jan 2022
📢Exciting update!📢 🎧We're happy to launch 'Automated Mobility: The peo... 27 Jan 2022
Consulting local stakeholders is key for an effective #HealthImpactAssessment ... 27 Jan 2022
Are you interested in #smartcity development? Download our FREE cookbook for ti... 27 Jan 2022
Watch the @POLISnetwork webinar on #AutonomousVehicles as part of the public tra... 26 Jan 2022
What is covered in the #feasibilitystudy? 💡📊 ✔️Technical analysis of t... 26 Jan 2022
How does #ModularHousing contribute to #NetZero? #MMC have the potential to use... 25 Jan 2022
Last week, four of the SCORE partners attended the CxC '22 Festival, held by Ope... 21 Jan 2022
Last week we participated at the #cxc22festival. Open-source solutions for smart... 21 Jan 2022
#Collaborativerobots are revolutionizing the #automotive #manufacturing industry... 21 Jan 2022
Watch ACCESS representatives from @JohannebergSP as they visit @OrebroBostader t... 20 Jan 2022
Do you have a challenge that needs to be solved with innovative solutions in the... 20 Jan 2022
Do you want access to all the latest research, innovation and funding opportunit... 20 Jan 2022
“With Ecozone, Mechelen and bpost proved that 🎁 online shopping can become ... 19 Jan 2022
How to bring exoskeletons to the workplace🤔? Here is a roadmap to support lar... 19 Jan 2022
Are you an early-stage SMEs exploring your potential market opportunities? Check... 17 Jan 2022
“The most successful project is one that responds to multiple goals and leads ... 17 Jan 2022
We start 2022 with great news: @CREATORS4YOU will anounce soon an #OpenCall🙌... 14 Jan 2022
Learning together: CCAM Planning for AV-Pilots! Find out about the preparation... 14 Jan 2022
#COTEMACO partner @FlandersMake has helped Belgian company Wouters NV define its... 13 Jan 2022
Friday I teach #HealthyCities at @la_UPC. I will bring many practical examples f... 13 Jan 2022
4️⃣ way to design safe roads for #cycling 🚴 🚫Bike lanes in car-free z... 12 Jan 2022
The @hoop_eu Network facilitates the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning a... 12 Jan 2022
To make #Blockstart as effective as possible, we are pleased to announce our new... 11 Jan 2022
With the help of #COTEMACO, Bernd Kraft GmbH is set to partially automate its pr... 10 Jan 2022
POLIS is leading a data study with MOBI-MIX cities to understand how they are us... 10 Jan 2022
Here's another success story from the #COTEMACO SME support programme, helping S... 7 Jan 2022
Join the hybrid workshop during our exploratory mission to the United Arab Emira... 7 Jan 2022
SAFE-UP researchers have published an infographic based on an updated analysis o... 7 Jan 2022
Want to know more about smart lighting💡and their benefits for #cities🏙️a... 7 Jan 2022
Plastic pollution doesn’t stop at borders. It's a global challenge that needs ... 6 Jan 2022
Learn how mid-sized cities can become more resilient through open data innovatio... 5 Jan 2022
While it may be the end of the holiday season for most, online shopping is still... 4 Jan 2022
How can blockchain contribute to transparency, efficiency & reliability in #... 4 Jan 2022
Our top insight of 2021 was @MarcVerbenkov's deep dive into exponential technolo... 3 Jan 2022
Dreaming of a #Green #Christmas 😍💚? How you dispose of a real tree is "mor... 23 Dec 2021
Have you sent us your application as an #Expert or #ChallengeGiver? Maybe you’... 23 Dec 2021
We’re curious🤔, how #Green🌱 is your #Christmas Tree🎄? Pick the MOST ... 23 Dec 2021
Like most walled cities in Malta, the best way to take in the charm & archit... 22 Dec 2021
We’re curious🤔, how #Green🌱 is your #Christmas Tree🎄? Pick the MOST ... 22 Dec 2021
The impacts of the climate crisis are all around us. Check out our fast facts ... 22 Dec 2021
🏠 ⛪ 🏢 What do you do after a successful #smartcity pilot? How do you fut... 21 Dec 2021
We’re curious🤔, how #Green🌱 is your #Christmas Tree🎄? Pick the MOST ... 21 Dec 2021
How does your city promote #ActiveMobility options like walking and cycling? Fi... 21 Dec 2021
Circular Economy https://t.co/7UMmxrorgb via @wef, @WEF_intel 20 Dec 2021
Check your inbox! 📥 We've just sent out our 2nd newsletter ft. insights from ... 17 Dec 2021
Are you ready to join the Mission '100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030'... 17 Dec 2021
The latest updates from the largest #eicAccelerator round of funding ever! 🚀 ... 17 Dec 2021
Experts agree on improving healthcare with #digitaltransformation, but how can w... 16 Dec 2021
How can peatlands across Europe fulfil their potential to become a net carbon si... 16 Dec 2021
Do you have a challenge that needs to be solved with innovative solutions in the... 15 Dec 2021
6 Steps to Innovative Procurement Our 4 SCIFI cities joined forces & create... 15 Dec 2021
Autoliv is part of the EU-led project @SAFE_UP_. Together with a diverse team of... 14 Dec 2021
ALICE & @POLISnetwork have launched their joint guide for advancing together... 14 Dec 2021
We're back with the latest and last market intelligence report of 2021!🔋 We ... 13 Dec 2021
Building local support for #ClimateAdaptation in urban parks is key to creating ... 10 Dec 2021
Interested in learning about sustainable farming for peatlands? Know any farmers... 10 Dec 2021
Very proud to be a part of the @EXSKALLERATE initiative - watch the video to see... 3 Dec 2021
Yesterday our AV Winter Academy took place with @dynaxibility4CE and the @_ART_... 3 Dec 2021
🎉 We did it! BEGIN has won the public vote in the 'Green Europe' category at ... 3 Dec 2021
The strive for emissions reduction has propelled the urge for #lightweight trans... 2 Dec 2021
So who’s interested in sustainable urban mobility ? they are! Inspiringly hug... 2 Dec 2021
Getting ready for tomorrow; #Regiostars award for best EU project: @BEGIN_NSR of... 1 Dec 2021
Congratulations🎉 to @bradfordmdc and @SCORE_NSR for their award-winning work ... 1 Dec 2021
Mismanaged #peatlands have massive GHG emissions, yet they are often overlooked ... 30 Nov 2021
Mismanaged #peatlands have massive GHG emissions, yet they are often overlooked ... 30 Nov 2021
🤔 Did you miss HOOP session about #UrbanBioeconomy at the #EURegionsWeek? W... 30 Nov 2021
The GCA Knowledge Module on Public-Private Partnerships for Climate-Resilient In... 29 Nov 2021
♻️How can we make #BlackFriday greener? Shipping has a significant environm... 26 Nov 2021
Delighted to be nominated for the #DutchBlockchainAwards as part of @DutchBlockW... 26 Nov 2021
💡One key takeaway from #COP26 centered on how transportation remains a key ar... 25 Nov 2021
🔋Today is the 3rd and final day of the Battery Innovation Days! 👨‍💻C... 25 Nov 2021
🔋During @COP26 Volvo reported that #electricvehicles reduce greenhouse gas em... 24 Nov 2021
Bax & Company is proud to be a part of @hoop_eu! 🔁 We're leading the fos... 24 Nov 2021
Our first in-person partner meeting took place in Enschede hosted by our lead pa... 23 Nov 2021
Urban Planning for Healthy Cities: A practical approach. Our work published and... 23 Nov 2021
Promising news from Australia! https://t.co/1cAsFIUg2A 23 Nov 2021
🔋The #Battery Innovation Days starts tomorrow! Are you registered and ready ... 22 Nov 2021
Register below for the upcoming @exskallerate workshop in Göttingen on November... 19 Nov 2021
Health+City planning+People. That’s the spirit of the @URBACT Healthy Cities n... 19 Nov 2021
About 44 million EU workers suffer from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (... 19 Nov 2021
At #SDEWES2021 last month, @IREC_Energia's Dr. Victor Ferreira walked attendees ... 18 Nov 2021
@SCORE_NSR represented at the #SCEWC21 with @Stadgent @AarhusUni @baxcompany . ... 18 Nov 2021
What do you do after a successful #smartcity pilot? How do you futureproof your ... 17 Nov 2021
"Mobility hubs are proliferating in the UK. They are an important tool in the tr... 17 Nov 2021
#COP26 has been a fantastic opportunity for our partners in Scotland to showcase... 17 Nov 2021
Features insights from our consultants @SAivalioti, @AmberDeLaHaye, & @sebas... 16 Nov 2021
Features insights from our consultant Sofia Aivalioti (@SAivalioti) on #UrbanPla... 16 Nov 2021
Chat to our colleagues about @COBRA_batteries at the Battery Innovation Days #BI... 16 Nov 2021
Grateful for the opportunity to join last week's international conference on Ele... 15 Nov 2021
Self-sustaining greening initiatives are key to a greener future 🌳 Join Heid... 15 Nov 2021
⚠️ Introducing our Tier 2 pilot in the Netherlands! 🇳🇱 It consists of... 15 Nov 2021
#AVs provide many of the solutions to some of #roadsafety’s most dangerous pro... 12 Nov 2021
By 2030, European passengers should have access to seamless multimodal transport... 12 Nov 2021
#VisionZero #AutonomousVehicles #RoadSafety #FutureMobility #CCAM https://t.co/W... 11 Nov 2021
.@SAFE_UP_, a European initiative on #RoadSafety, is working to deliver the prom... 11 Nov 2021
2 days left until the #COP26 "Dialogues towards a European Peatland Initiative" ... 11 Nov 2021
Session highly recommended by @CarePeat👇 To reverse the loss of #peatlands i... 11 Nov 2021
💵 What is innovative procurement for smart cities? Find out in our SCIFI Coo... 10 Nov 2021
Last month @FlandersMake hosted a webinar on the Structural Design Optimisation ... 10 Nov 2021
BEGIN mobilised hundreds of millions of euros in investments in greening cities!... 9 Nov 2021
During the #BEatCOP26 tours @CScotIC, visitors have had the chance to see the @H... 8 Nov 2021
Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s #EXSKALLERATE exhibit during #COP26 ... 8 Nov 2021
We're proud to be a part of this flagship EU project on #RoadSafety! Read our @I... 8 Nov 2021
What can Europe learn from one another on #peatlands? Join @noonan_malcolm , @pi... 8 Nov 2021
Offering training through a variety of tools is more important now than ever in ... 5 Nov 2021
Biodiverse cities support #ecosystem services including pollination, soil protec... 5 Nov 2021
According to CIVITAS project @ULaaDS, uncertainties 🥸 are a normal part of #s... 5 Nov 2021
Are you an SME based in Denmark and interested in exploring #exoskeletons? Then ... 4 Nov 2021
👩‍🍳 Our Smart City Cookbook is now available! Get best practice for #sm... 4 Nov 2021
Fixed shared cars arrive in the City of Rotterdam (@rotterdam) with MOBI-MIX! ... 4 Nov 2021
In case you missed out, @baxcompany has written a recap of the #NEXTLEVEL2021CON... 3 Nov 2021
Some promising results from the #EXSKALLERATE project! Researchers have discover... 3 Nov 2021
Making your city's green spaces walkable can improve citizens' health in many wa... 2 Nov 2021
You can browse through previous editions of our market intelligence report on ou... 2 Nov 2021
"#Circulareconomy models offer a clear pathway to achieving our collective clima... 1 Nov 2021
Paris to become completely cyclable by 2026! The city will embark on a cycling... 1 Nov 2021
Did you know that we help public & private organisations across Europe to se... 29 Oct 2021
Discover how #blockchain could solve challenges in your business with the #Block... 28 Oct 2021
Are you interested in improving circularity in #EnergyStorage? Join #STEPSNWE to... 28 Oct 2021
As it's EU Sustainable Energy Week @euenergyweek, we thought we'd share some imp... 28 Oct 2021
We've co-authored this new brief with the @BEGIN_NSR partners to support cities ... 27 Oct 2021
Rewilding cities: What are the benefits? "There are consequences to the pace of... 27 Oct 2021
The @HITRANS_RTP pilot has launched! Below you can see a timelapse video of th... 27 Oct 2021
New #exoskeleton research by the @Stanford University Biomechatronics Laboratory... 26 Oct 2021
Watch this video from @bergenkommune to see how Blue-Green Infrastructure is tra... 26 Oct 2021
📣 Our project poster for the #SustainablePlacesConference2021🌱is here! You... 25 Oct 2021
Building mixed-use neighbourhoods brings a host of benefits to urban communities... 25 Oct 2021
“For far too long, Europeans have had to live with an unacceptable death toll ... 22 Oct 2021
@oPENLab_project kick-off 2021 will be remembered as the one with the masks... a... 22 Oct 2021
An inspiring look at the work of the Bradford City Council to join forces with c... 21 Oct 2021
A big thank you to Christian Byrith (@NorthSeaRegion) and Albin Hunia (@RVO_Nede... 21 Oct 2021
Curious about #EnergyStorage in the EU? Join us in the first #STEPSNWE roundtabl... 21 Oct 2021
Hungry for more #urbanlogistics content at the #CIVITAS2021 Forum? Meet our @U... 20 Oct 2021
We need to use more than just reason to engage people positively around rain. Pe... 20 Oct 2021
In the past year, @Stadgent has become simultaneously warmer, wetter and dryer. ... 20 Oct 2021
"Flood resilience is a prerequisite for a liveable city." Paul Sayers explores ... 20 Oct 2021
The next edition of the ACCESS project newsletter is landing soon! Do you want... 20 Oct 2021
What power do 'superblocks' hold? “For me, the creation of public spaces in ... 19 Oct 2021
🚨 Introducing our six Tier 2 pilot sites!🙌 📍🇸🇮 Ljubljana 📍... 19 Oct 2021
The @BEGIN_NSR #NEXTLEVEL2021CONF is taking place tomorrow! Take a look at the ... 19 Oct 2021
#ULaaDS researchers @paul_plazier & Ward Rauws (@univgroningen) have publish... 18 Oct 2021
Home to Europe's 2nd largest port, Antwerp - like many major EU cities - is bein... 18 Oct 2021
Where do Germans like to pilot #exoskeletons? In a brewery, of course! 🍺 Th... 15 Oct 2021
We’re back with our presentations. @CiscaDevereux emphasises the importance ... 15 Oct 2021
Digitalising transactions in #healthcare can save the sector billions 💶 Want... 14 Oct 2021
"As landscape architects, we are in a unique position to really make a differenc... 14 Oct 2021
Do you have your tickets for the #NEXTLEVEL2021CONF? Register today to join th... 14 Oct 2021
Helping to stabilise the climate with peatlands! "People talk a great deal abo... 13 Oct 2021
You have until October 31st! ⏲ #CCAM #SharedMobility #FutureMobility #Transpor... 13 Oct 2021
Join us at the (hybrid) #CIVITAS2021 Forum this month! 🗓️October 20th-21s... 13 Oct 2021
You have until October 31st! ⏲️ #CCAM #SharedMobility #FutureMobility #Transport 12 Oct 2021
Don't miss @PlanningforAVs's session at @ITSHamburg2021 tomorrow!👇 https://t.... 12 Oct 2021
Another free session worth catching today! 👇 @hoop_eu's Lighthouse Cities &a... 12 Oct 2021
We're back with another market intelligence report!🔋 Inside find recent deve... 11 Oct 2021
Don't miss our #ITSHamburg2021 session on proactive safety solutions for a highl... 11 Oct 2021
How did the Dutch city of Breda go from grey to green? “When the city was cr... 8 Oct 2021
Find out more about @Kent_cc's work in empowering community members to find #BGI... 8 Oct 2021
Strengthening biodiversity through design! "There is tremendous untapped poten... 8 Oct 2021
Organisations face mounting pressure to make their supply chains transparent. Ho... 7 Oct 2021
The importance of natural climate solutions! "The world needs to integrate #con... 7 Oct 2021
Here's some footage of operatives trying out #exoskeletons at #Construction Scot... 7 Oct 2021
@sebasherk of @baxcompany highlights the community engagement of the Kent scheme... 6 Oct 2021