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24 June 2024

The role of the South-East Europe in the European Research and Innovation Area: How to maintain, build, and interconnect the research and innovation infrastructures?

Source: sciencebusiness.net

Our conference, to be held this autumn at Cyrill and Method University (a member of UNICA), will highlight the opportunities to strengthen the European Research Area and explore how entities, researchers, and innovators can benefit most from the EU's research framework based on excellence and respect for differences. We will discuss the maintenance, construction, and integration of Research Infrastructures (RI) into the broader EU RI fleet, aiming to create a unified and cohesive European research environment.

Our discussions will highlight the symbiotic relationship between national and European stakeholders, advocating for a shift from mere funding exchange to a model that emphasizes mutual access and strategic partnerships between local and European research infrastructures. Panel discussions will also explore national differences in research and innovation policy and practice across the Balkan region, highlighting successful strategies and identifying areas for improvement. Another major focus will be how the EU and the Balkan countries can work together to address the 'brain drain' by discussing strategies to make the region more attractive to researchers. These strategies include improving research and innovation facilities, funding opportunities, and collaboration prospects, thereby enhancing multilateral opportunities and improving innovations.

This conference is a forum for discussing policies and best practices and an excellent opportunity for sponsors to engage with key decision-makers from the EU and Balkan research and innovation communities. It is a unique platform to influence the future of European cooperation in these fields and support the EU's strategic goals of enlargement and integration.

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