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17 Jul 2024

4th International Workshop on Data Analytics in the Energy Sector

As part of the 15th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems, and Applications (IISA 2024), this workshop provides a platform for various EU-funded projects, such as the LIFE project ENERGATE, to share their findings.

“4th International Workshop on Data Analytics in the Energy Sector” will revolve around leveraging the momentum of big data and cutting-edge information technologies to enhance energy efficiency and management. Specifically, the building sector, power networks, smart grids, and energy systems stand to benefit from these advancements, aiming to improve operations and provide added value for stakeholders.  The workshop will focus on showcasing data-driven applications and decision support techniques for energy stakeholders, including network operators, utilities, energy suppliers, building managers, investors, and policymakers. It will be based on the research activities of HE DigiBUILD, DEDALUS, ENPOWER, Crete Valley, Hedge-IoT, METABUILD, and the LIFE project ENERGATE.  About ENERGATE  ENERGATE is a LIFE project aiming to create an energy-efficiency marketplace for buildings, where market participants can comfortably and predictably close deals. Their goal is to integrate various stages of the building energy efficiency project cycle into a single, robust, ICT-enabled solution.


17 Jul 2024 @ 08:00 am

19 Jul 2024 @ 05:00 pm

Duration: 2 days, 9 hours





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