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28 Jun 2024

“Regenerative Agriculture Workshop | Εργαστήριο Αναγεννητικής Γεωργίας”

“Regenerative Agriculture Workshop” | “Εργαστήριο Αναγεννητικής Γεωργίας”The comprehensive workshop curriculum is designed to cater to farmers engaged in olive production, arable crops (specifically winter cereals), and vegetable crops. Given that in Greece, most small to medium-scale farmers handle a diverse array of crops, the workshop will aim to cover a broad range of applications, as many regenerative agriculture practices are common across these various crops, ensuring the relevance and practicality of the training for the participants.

The target audience for the proposed workshop comprises existing farmers seeking a transition to regenerative agricultural practices and young farmers initiating new farming ventures.

Dr. Sakis Gertsis, an expert in precision agriculture and sustainable olive production; Dr. Nathalie Kamou, a plant pathologist with specialty on biological control; Dr. Chris-tos Vasilikiotis, Associate Dean of Research Chair of the Sustainable Agriculture & Management Dept. Perrotis College. 

AgendaMorning Session 

Workshop program & topics

Morning Session (9:00-13:00)•    Introduction to Regenerative agriculture and guid-ing principles (Vasilikiotis)•    Farmscaping & Ecologically based pest manage-ment (Kamou)•    Soil health & Biostimulants (Gertsis)•    Field Activity: Soil Health assessment & soil carbon monitoring (PC Staff) 

Afternoon Session (14:00-18:00)•    Cover crops & Crop Rotations (Vasilikiotis)•    Minimum tillage & Organic approaches to No-Till (Vasilikiotis)•    Precision agriculture applications in Regenerative Agriculture (Gertsis)•    Practical activity: Composting & Organic fertilizers (PC Staff) 



28 Jun 2024 @ 08:00 am

28 Jun 2024 @ 09:00 am

Duration: 1 hours



Perrotis College facilities Thessaloniki Marinou A


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