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Event Merchant Agreement

Last updated on 22 April 2024

If you are organising or taking part in any events that are scheduled, sold or otherwise transacted through EU Agenda’s Website, you understand and agree to the Terms of Use and to the Event Merchant Agreement. This Event Merchant Agreement is an integral part of EU Agenda’s Terms of Use, by using EU Agenda’s Website you undertake, understand and agree to be bound with EU Agenda’s Terms of Use and Event Merchant Agreement along with any other relevant documents, including but not limited to our Privacy Policy that are published on the Website.

  1. Nature of relationship
  2. Refund of fees
  3. These are the Terms That Apply When You Create an Event
  4. Payment partners
  5. Personal Data
  6. Services and Fees
  7. VAT Information

1. Nature of relationship

EU Agenda provides an organisational platform for events (the Website). When the User creates an event on EU Agenda (in this case such user becomes the “Organiser”), they’re welcoming other Users to form an agreement with them. Anyone who purchases a ticket to the event is accepting the Organiser’s offer, and forming that agreement.

EU Agenda is not a party to this agreement; the agreement is a direct legally binding agreement between Organiser and their purchasers (other Users). The Organiser is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their event. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by purchasers.

2. Refund of fees

EU Agenda doesn’t offer refunds. All fees, charges and deductions are payment for the services EU Agenda provides to you and are non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-negotiable. Responsibility for finishing an event lies entirely with the event creator. EU Agenda doesn’t hold funds on the Organiser’s behalf and cannot guarantee Organiser’s work, and does not offer refunds.

Should the User receive incorrect or invalid services, including but not limited to, event cancellation, the User will need to contact the appropriate event Organiser to arrange, as appropriate and depending on availability, another booking, credit or refund. EU Agenda is not a party to any transactions and cannot process refunds or assist Users in resolving these issues. EU Agenda does not provide refunds of any fees it charges the Organiser for organising events. The Organiser will need to arrange appropriate compensation to Users affected, and the Organiser undertakes and agrees that they will not, under any circumstances, claim or request EU Agenda to refund any fees it charged as part of placing event information on the EU Agenda’s Website or transacting via EU Agenda’s Website.

Currently EU Agenda charges a flat, non-refundable, non-negotiable and non-cancellable fee of three percent (2%) (the “Fee”) of the transaction value of each transaction in regards to Publisher Accounts and Non-Profit Accounts within the Website. The transaction value shall mean total consideration paid or payable (e.g. cash, credit card payment, PayPal transfer and others) to the Organiser. The Fee doesn’t include any VAT charges or other applicable taxes, which will be added to the Fee where applicable. EU Agenda may change the Fee charged at any time, should the Fee change from above EU Agenda will update the terms accordingly.

EU Agenda payment partners may charge their own fees on any transactions they handle, which will be in addition to EU Agenda Fee. Users with active Publisher Account within the Website will not be charged with EU Agenda Fee nor other EU Agenda’s fees, nevertheless, they will still be charged with payment processors’ applicable fees (i.e. Stripe). For further information please visit the appropriate payment partner website (for example Stripe legal agreements can be found at https://stripe.com/ie/legal. Note you will need to select country for your own service agreement).

3. These are the terms that apply when you’re creating an event

If you are the Organiser, you can refund User purchases if you want. If you do, you have no further obligation to that specific purchaser, and no agreement exists between you. We’ll charge our fees before putting funds in your account. EU Agenda and its payment partners will subtract fees before transmitting the proceeds of a campaign. Some purchases can’t be collected, which might reduce the amount of payments you get. When some payments can’t be collected, including but not limited to when a purchaser’s credit card expires, and they don’t provide updated information, EU Agenda can’t guarantee that the amount of payments you receive will be exactly equal to the full amount purchased minus fees. We shall not be liable for and in a result of any aforementioned issues. If you create an event which is not free (example charges for tickets or involves some sort of payment), we (and our payment partners) collect fees.

4. Payment partners

EU Agenda partners with other companies (including but not limited to Stripe) for payment processing. When you back or create an event, you’re also agreeing to the payment processor’s terms of service that may differ from one payment partner to another. If in doubt, please visit the payment processors website and carefully study their user terms and conditions. By creating an event you declare that you agreed to such terms and conditions of our payment partners.

The Users acknowledge that by using EU Agenda, You are agreeing to any and all applicable terms and conditions set forth by our payment partners, in addition to these Terms of Service, including, Stripe's terms of service. If EU Agenda choses to change partners, the Users acknowledge that by using EU Agenda, they agree to the terms and conditions of the new payment partner.

5. Personal data

The Organiser authorise EU Agenda to share Organiser’s personal information, details, contacts and data (hereinafter as “Personal Data”) and information relating to Organiser events and transactions on EU Agenda’s Website with EU Agenda payment partners and with your bank or other financial institution, in each case to the extent in which the Organiser transactions or events involve such third-parties. In addition, you authorise EU Agenda to verify your Personal Data and conduct due diligence on you through third-parties, including third-party credit reporting agencies.

6. Services and fees

EU Agenda reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the EU Agenda Services (or any part thereof). EU Agenda reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, relationship with any third-party including but not limited to Stripe. EU Agenda will endeavour to give you notice of any such modification, suspension or discontinuance but has no obligation to do so. You agree that, to the extent permitted by law, EU Agenda will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of our services in accordance with the User Agreement.

Fees are deducted directly from each event purchase, and will not be reflected in the amount that the Organiser can withdraw from the total. We reserve the right to change EU Agenda's Fee pricing from time to time. If EU Agenda does change its Fees, EU Agenda will provide advance notice of the change on the Website or in an email sent to you, at EU Agenda's option. Your continued use of the EU Agenda Services after the Fee change becomes effective constitutes your acceptance of the updated Fees.

From time to time, EU Agenda may place a hold on the User account ("Freeze"), restricting Withdrawals (defined herein) by the User. Some of the reasons that we may place a Freeze on a User account include the following:

  1. if we have reason to believe (in our sole discretion) that information provided by the User is false, misleading, or fraudulent, or that funds are being used in a prohibited manner;
  2. if the funds available should be provided directly to a person other than the User (including but not limited to a legal beneficiary or person entitled by law to act on behalf of the User);
  3. if we have reason to believe that the User has violated the User Agreement; or
  4. if required in order to comply with a court order, subpoena, writ, injunction, or as otherwise required under applicable laws and regulations.

7. VAT information

For customers throughout the European Union, VAT will be applied to your transactions, where it is legally appropriate for EU Agenda to do so, and will appear on your receipt. VAT will be payable at the applicable rate and may vary from country to country. Should you not wish to apply the applicable VAT you will need to notify EU Agenda via applicable settings on the site.

If you are registered for VAT within the EU and do not wish to pay the tax you will be able to opt so by providing specific information to EU Agenda. Customer support is available to assist with any questions in this regard.